Glow Plug Removal

What do glow plugs do?

Glow plugs are vital components found in diesel engines. They play a crucial role in starting the engine, especially in cold weather conditions. When the engine is started, an electrical current travels to the glow plugs and heats them up, which then heats the air inside the combustion chamber to a temperature that helps the fuel to ignite more easily when it enters the cylinder and so, enabling the engine to start effortlessly.

Why do glow plugs need removing?

There are a few reasons why you might need to remove glow plugs:

  • glow plugs have a limited lifespan and eventually can wear out or fail; at this point, they must be replaced to ensure that the engine can start reliably
  • to inspect or clean them during routine maintenance as carbon can build up over time – keeping glow plugs clean can help keep them working effectively
  • if you’re having starting problems with your diesel engine, at Hedaux Motor Company, we can safely remove the glow plugs to help diagnose and resolve the issue
  • during engine repairs, it’s sometimes necessary to remove the glow plugs to access whichever component requires attention.

Glow plugs are fairly fragile and can be easily damaged so, as with so many complex mechanical jobs, it’s essential to go to a garage where the technicians are experienced and can remove the glow plugs safely, such as Hedaux Motor Company. We can remove glow plugs at our workshop in Helpringham, near Sleaford, and can of course deal with any of the issues laid out above.

Hedaux Motor Company is a Castrol Service Workshop which guarantees you not only the highest quality lubricants in your vehicle but also a professional, experienced team carrying out quality repairs and servicing. We’re also members of the Autocare and Approved Garages networks, giving you extra peace of mind.

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